Serving San Antonio since 2008, Nacogdoches Gold and Silver Exchange is a family owned and operated businesses. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers. At Nacogdoches Gold and Silver Exchange we know that your valuables are very important to you. Not only do they have monetary worth, they have emotional worth as well. When you come to us to sell or trade your treasured items, you can count on us to pay the highest prices and offer fair and honest appraisals.

Nacogdoches Gold and Silver Exchange is your one-stop shop for all things precious. Whether you wish to trade, buy or sell jewelry, gold, silver, platinum or more, you can count on us to be your trusted choice. Located in San Antonio, we carry the finest quality jewelry and we will pay you the absolute highest prices for your valuables

Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, below are what our customers have to say about us.

Superb Customer Service FIVE STARS

I found Nacogdoches Gold & Silver Exchange in the Yellow Pages and decided to give them a call.  I was pleased by how helpful and friendly they were over the phone so I decided to stop by.  They were upfront and didn’t’ try to “haggle” me, which I  very much appreciated.  I spoke with “Sam” and he educated me on how the price of gold and silver changed and it’s current value.  HE was courteous and very helpful and I was able to make an educated decision.  I would definitely do business with them again.  When I left I felt confident about my decision.  Thank you Sam 🙂 I would highly recommend doing business with them.

– Posted by ‘oversweet10’ on  

Friendly Honest People

I called Nacogdoches Gold & Silver Exchange to see how much an once of silver was worth.  The gentlemen told me right away what it was worth, he also educated me on how the price of silver changed every minute.  Because he didn’t ‘HAGGLE’ me I decided to do business with them.  The following day I went in and showed him the coin’s I was interested in selling.  The atmosphere was very friendly, he looked at the coin’s, and fave me a little bit of history on silver coins.  I agreed to the price he offered, which by the way was a lot more than I thought I could get.  So if you are thinking about selling some gold and silver items, I highly recommend that you call, or stop by to see them.  Sincerely, Deborah

– Posted by ‘deborahharris’ on

No pretense and pleasant service gave me exactly what I wanted and more.  I would definitely go there again!

– Eve 

I checked around this is the best place to sell.  The man is very nice to work with and very fair.  I have been there 2 times sice our fist visit and I’m always pleased with the prices we get for our silver & gold and the service make you feel comfortable.  I HIGHLY recommend this place to sell gold, silver & coins!!!!

– Shellz

Sam was excellent.  Was not expecting to get that much money for our gold!  Highly Recommend!

– I don’t lie

Great Brand Named Jewelry!!!  I went in expecting to just trade some gold but I came out with gifts for all my family!!!  This store sells awesome brand name jewelry like James Avery, Tiffany & Company, Fossil Watches … plus they have other pieces that are super unique!!  I did all my Christmas shopping for way less than I expected!  Overall, great customer service too… I felt right at home!  Highly Recommend!!!

– Cassandra 

AWESOME.  This place is awesome!!  Very friendly and they know a lot about gold and silver.  I had things that were mismatched and broken and I wasn’t sure he was going to take it, but he did!!!  I walked out of there with some gooooooood MONEY!! 🙂  I won’t be going anywhere else… I will definitely be going back!!! 

– Trudy 

Very Good Prices.  I stopped at several places before stopping into this store the other day.  They gave me easily the best offers that I had received for my gold rings the entire day.  I thought maybe it was a one time thing to get me to come back so I tested them against a couple more shops today and had the same experience.  I feel I will be given the best deals here and won’t have to run around getting several offers anymore.  Highly recommended.  

– Billy

Great place!   The owner, Sam, is very friendly, knowledgeable, and honest.  I checked around at a lot of other places and he was offering the most for an old, gold ring I had.  I would definitely recommend this place if you have some jewelry to get rid of.  I know that I’ll be going back there. 

– Dolphus